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Christina Hoeve - Welcome

Christina Hoeve Mona en Jos Vermeulen

In the Middelburgse polder on the edge of the tree nursery village of Boskoop you will find the long-house farm known as Christinahoeve. The house was built in 1857, with the front section undergoing reconstruction in 1933. Four luxury appartments have been built in the old part of the house and two luxury apartments have been built in the hay stack. We have apartments suitable for 2-7 persons. Since 2000 the farm has no longer been a working farm but it does still house a few pet animals such as chickens, and a goat. In spring and summer the scheeps and cows of the farms nearby are in the meadow. The family Vermeulen and their three daughters will welcome you warmly.

Situation and recreational faculties

The farmhouse is on the edge of Boskoop, pretty well up against Reeuwijk. The house looks out over wideranging views across the green polder, where the russet cattle belonging to our neighbour Gijs can be seen grazing. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are within 30 minutes' drive by car. But cycling in the area maybe more enjoyable. There are some wonderful cycling routes through places such as protected natural area where cars are taboo.

Things worth seeing

  • The tree nursery museum in Boskoop, with the famous springtime azalea trips by barge along the nurseries. (between the Boskoop three nurseries there are no less than 1200 km of waterway).
  • The Reeuwijk lakes with their wonderful flora and fauna.
  • Cheese town Gouda with a traditional cheese market every thursday in Jyly and August, with the cheese being sold according to the traditional hand-slapping way by local farmers.
  • The small fortified town of Oudewater, with no fewer than 141 listed buildings and the infamous witch's scales.
  • Alphen-aan-den-Rijn with the Archeon Roman park and the Avifauna bird zoo.

 Your Stay

On arrival you will find next to the coffee percolator/kettle and the packet of coffee. Shops and supermarkets are within
10 minutes' cycling distance in the friendly centre of Boskoop. For the children there is a large playground. Also there are several toys outside to play with, like bikes or go karts. Or a play with wooden shoes.

There are more than sufficient good, affordable restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

You are more than welcome to book a midweek, a weekend, a week or longer at our wonderful farmhouse with its beautiful surroundings.


A few of the many possibilities to do:

"The Waterway of Boskoop" between the three nurseries you go by boat, and hear the history of Boskoop

Cheese market in Gouda

Delft, Leiden, Utrecht Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam all in a area of about 30 minutes from our farm.

Or rent our electric bikes to discover our beautifull surroundings in the Green Hart.


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Picture made by: Margrietha-Fotografie